I'm on OSX 10.2.8, using Mail 1.2.5, on a G4 tower.

1. I recently cannot access email and my account goes offline when I try. Mail Help tells me to go to the Mailbox menu and click "Go Online." Trouble is, there is no "Go Online" selection in my Mailbox menu. It says only "Go Offline" which I already am, and which does nothing when I click on it.

2. In entering my mail password for my email account, I can only see the bullet, and not the actual characters (as with most all password fields). However, when I type a new 7 character password in to replace my old 6 character password, when I close out and reopen, there are still only 6 bullets in the password field. How do I get my password to apply, and how do I know when the correct characters have applied?

Thank you.