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    System access and Backup queries
    Hi, I would be grateful if anyone could offer any advice regarding the following points:

    1. iDisk
    When trying to access iDisk I'm presented with the following:

    WebDAV File System Authentication
    Enter your user name and password to access the server...

    The 'Name' field is already populated, but the system rejects my password, so I cannot access iDisk. Can I set up a new iDisk account?

    2. Mail
    When opening Mail I'm presented each time with:
    Enter password for account: "***"

    Mail asks me for my password every time, irrespective of whether I tick the 'Remember this password in my keychain' box. Can I set my iMac so I'm not asked for the password every time?

    3. Backup
    I've installed Backup 3.1, but when I try to run it the backup fails because it incorrectly thinks I only have free-trial .Mac membership. Is there a way I can tell it I'm a full member?


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    I would suggest sending a support query to the .Mac team using this form on the .Mac website. Unfortunately, this sounds like a misconfiguration on Apple's part with your .Mac account, rather than something that could be easily fixed on your end.

    The good news? Apple is relatively quick about responding to said queries. I've had all of my issues both addressed and fixed in under 48 hours every time, usually under 24.

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    this happened to me the first time I set up my .mac account too. Try going into keychain and deleting the accounts associated with these apps. Also go into disk utility and repair permissions.

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