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    Help with mail program
    Suddenly my email account in the mail program that comes with OSX 10.2
    says "working offline" and I can't get my mail. I searched mail HELP, which says to go to the mailbox menu and select "Go Online." The only choice under the mailbox menu is "Go Offline" and nothing happens when I click on it. My mail account remains grayed out, and I remian "offline."

    Any suggestions? Thank you.

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    Have you quit and restarted Mail yet?
    The problem could also lie with your ISP or email provider. If they are having troubles, then you are not going to be able to go online with your email account no matter what you do.
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    To expand upon D3v1L80Y's suggestion, does your email provider have an webmail (online email reading) system? If so, boot up Safari and see if you can login there to make sure that their email servers are online. Even then, their POP3 (or whatever protocol they use for programs like servers might be down, and you might have to send their tech support service an email to see about that if they don't have a "Network Status" page (which few do, but most don't).

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    I've quit and restarted, to no avail. I've also checked with my email server people, and the servers are not down, although they did just switch me over to new servers. Somehwere in that process is where the problem lies, I think. Wgen I restart my computer, my program seems to be online, but when I check mail I get a message which says the servers will not accept my password. Then my account goes "offline." I've double and triple checked with tech support, and in my account seetings, and my password and user names are correct. At a loss . . .

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