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    new apple: data migration?
    OK so I have a new Mac Pro ordered.

    I remember when I setup my powerbook for the first time it saying something about you can transfer files from your old Apple to the new one during setup. I'm just curious how this works when you do this. I'm assuming you use a firewire or USB cable, so I'll have to go buy one I'm guessing?

    Also, does this just copy documents and music and stuff, or applications and preferences as well.

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    If you want to copy files, I suggest you go and buy an External Hard Drive, it's extremely easy and really fast. If you want to use Apple's migratory service, you need to buy a Firewire cable, both can be found at any apple store.
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    Yeah I've already got an external HD which I've been using to make backups once a week ever since my original powerbook drive failed. I just didn't know if the built-in service was any better.

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    Hi, I found this info:

    If you want to transfer files or documents to or from your MacBook Pro, there are several ways of doing it.

    -You can easily transfer files using Migration Assistant and a FireWire cable (sold separately). You can also connect to another Mac using a FireWire cable and start up your MacBook Pro in FireWire Target Disk Mode. Your MacBook Pro appears as a hard disk on the other computer and you can drag files to it.

    -If you have an external hard disk drive, iPod, flash drive, or other data storage device that connects through a USB or FireWire cable, you can use it to transfer files.

    -If you have an email connection, you can email your files to another computer.

    -If you register for a .Mac account from Apple (fees apply), you can use it to transfer files. With a .Mac account, you get an iDisk, which provides Internet space for backing up and storing files so that other computers can access the files you transfer there.

    -If the other computer has a recordable optical drive, you can transfer files that you have recorded on a CD or DVD disc.

    -If you connect your computer to a network using Ethernet, you can transfer files to another computer on a network. You can access a server or another computer by clicking Network in the Finder sidebar, or by choosing Go > Connect to Server from the menu bar.

    -You can create a small Ethernet network by connecting an Ethernet cable from your MacBook Pro to another computerís Ethernet port. After youíre connected, you can transfer files directly from one computer to the other.

    -You can connect to an AirPort Extreme wireless network to transfer files.

    -If you have access to devices that communicate using Bluetooth wireless technology, you can transfer files to other Bluetooth equipped devices.

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