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    install disc mismatch?
    I bought some Tiger install disks on ebay that are the original disks that were shipped with a third generation PowerBook G4 (15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz) model in Fall 2005.

    After trying to install Tiger on my 1GHZ 15" Powerbook with these disks and finding they are model AND build specific and I (obviously) got the error message that says they cannot be installed on my computer. Even though they don't work and I know it was my mistake, I am trying to figure out if the seller sent me two different discs so that I don't sell mismatching discs when I relist them and I obviously have no way to test them.

    Disc #1 says it is Disc Version 1.1 with the number 2Z691-5517-A and Disc #2 says it is Disc Version 1.0 with the number 2Z691-5499-A. I understand that these don't work because they were meant for a later Powerbook than mine is, but why do the two discs have different numbers and version numbers? Did the seller mix them up? Please help.

    Also-anyone want to buy them? I just want what I paid, $40.



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    I scanned the discs to help ID them. here they are:
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    It is possible that everything is ok, & your installation discs are not mismatched (reason following). A couple months ago i bought Mac OS X 10.3 Panther sealed in a retail box from a online distributor that sells discontinued Mac software. When it arrived & after i opened the package to start installing the OS i noticed something unusual to me at the time. The first installation cd had a copyright date of 2004 & version 10.3.7 printed on it, the second & third installation cds had a copyright date of 2003 & version 10.3 printed on them. After using the upgrade option for installing the OS, backing up everything a second time, formating the drive & doing a clean installation of the OS i discovered why this is. The first installation cd is the operating system, while the second & third cds are applications, additional languages, & printer drivers. Sometimes when Apple releases a minor software version update, they will also update the installation cds. In that case usually only the cds containing the operating system will be updated, while the application cds will not be. This may be the same for the discs you bought. Hopefully this info will be helpful for you.

    Some friendly advice when buying Mac OS X, only buy retail versions (for example like you would find on the shelf at CompUSA). When buying online from a online store or thru a auction always look to see if it's listed as a retail version. These versions will work with any Mac that fits the listed system requirements on the box. Also the moderators of these forums won't give you a warning about using or discusing the use of software that violates the software license agreement. ^_^

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    You don't have "mismatched" discs. Just be sure to mention what model they are for if you decide to sell them.
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