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    2 quick questions , one about chat in gmail and one about videoconferance
    ( IMac G5 at work)I got all excited about my friend w/PC telling me thru Gmail that we can chat, I also have gmail as one of my other emails. When I tried it didnt work, I did some research and it said that Safari is not compatible w/Gmail now, they working on it. I read that ichat might support it and Jabber could work, Guess what it didnt work. Anyone knows how to make it work. Because it I can make it work, I would change Mail to Gmail as my default email.

    Second question, I have a Mac mini at home and a PC Sony vaio laptop and I am going on Vacation in Hawaii. in a few days. I love to take my mini but w/o a monitor is pretty uselss so I have to take my PC. My father in law has a mac and we want to video or at least chat .

    What is the best way to accomplish this?

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