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    Mike B.
    G4 & OSX - Can't put to sleep issues.
    Have already searched around, but can't seem to find the answer to this one.
    I suddenly can't put my system to sleep!
    The monitor will shut down to a sleep mode after a minute or two of waiting, but will wake on its own after about 5 minutes.
    The computer itself will not go into sleep mode at all, "period", and continue to run.
    Never had this problem before!
    Have already gone into preference settings and made sleep/shutdown adjustments to see if that would work, ... and no luck there.

    Any ideas, ......... anyone?

    Mac G4, running OSX Jaguar 10.2

    Thanks guys!

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    Only thing i could presume is a process is hanging the system and causing it to be "active " thus stopping it from going to sleep

    Bring up the manager n see what applications when "idle" is using processor usage and if its anything you have started.. kill it and then see if itll go to sleep

    This is my best advise, bareing in mind ive been drinking since 2:00pm so it could be utter rbish

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    Have you installed any new usb devices?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guardian
    Have you installed any new usb devices?
    As Guardian suggested ^^ you may have a problem in that your G4 won't sleep while a device is connected. Do you have any peripherals connected?

    I found this relevant article:

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