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Thread: intel imac wont stay awake !!

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    intel imac wont stay awake !!
    The title really doesn't explain what Im looking for. So here is the spill.

    I am "rendering" some large files. Basically I want the iMac to do its thing all night long until I wake up. My settings are as follows:

    Energy Saver settings: Sleep is set to "Never" and the display is set to "Sleep after 5min". "Put the hard disk to sleep" box is unchecked. In the advanced settings of Energy Saver I only checked the box "Allow power button to sleep the computer " All other are unchecked.

    Screen Saver: Is set to "Never"

    I leave my computer only to find out that 2 hours later my login in screen is on my screen. Somehow its logging me out and all my rendering files and open apps. (Mail, Photoshop, etc.) Have been shutdown and logged out.

    What do I do !! My work is now taking FOREVER. On my old powerbook I could at least fade the Brightness (to save the screen) and let it go all week long !!.

    I hope someone has a resolution. I am dangerously red eyed and under slept. this proj. was due yesterday. Im in detroit and my clients flew out from LA to pick it up sometime this week.

    Thank you so much. Goodnight. neye: neye: neye:

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    Don't cross post, but check your other thread for possible solutions.

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