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JonC 08-11-2006 04:03 PM

Dock modification of Apple website quicklaunch
Does anyone know how to modifiy the URL to the Apple icon on the dock ?

The icon is an @ symbol on a disk mounted on a silver spring to the right hand side of the dock. When I click on this icon the apple website is started in Safari. What I want to do is modify the URL slightly so that the apple UK website is lauched instead.

So what I want to launch is :

Can this be done ?

Thanks in anticipation.


trpnmonkey41 08-11-2006 04:24 PM

In safari drag the link from the address bar to the dock next to the current link. Drag the old one off

JonC 08-11-2006 04:42 PM


That was easy.


Sydrocentric 08-11-2006 04:45 PM

Most things are, come back anytime!

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