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    burning an OSX CD using a .dmg (mac image) file on a PC
    'm trying to put OS X 10.4 on my ancient powerbook g3, which has no dvd drive, and I have only a dvd of the OS, and apple's program to replace the original dvd with cds for $10 has expired, so I had someone send me the .dmg image files for the 4 cds, which I planned to burn on my PC (since my g3 has no burner) and then use instead of my OS X 10.4 dvd, but I can't get the g3 to recognize the CDRs.

    so far I have tried:

    1) converting from dmg to iso with ultraiso and burning with nero
    2) converting from dmg to nrg and doing same
    3) burning directly with ultraiso
    4) buring using transmac
    5) burning with alcohol 120% (see below)
    6) using a different burner

    when I try to burn with alcohol 120%, I get the message "Because an unsupported image file format is being used, you should manually set the track format, block size and other information. You MUST do this to record the image file!" with options to set the Block size, Image header size and Image trailer size. I don't know what these values should be.

    the cd drive works fine when I use other mac cds (CDR or not). I have tried burning all 4 discs and none works, so it is unlikely that the problem is a single bad .dmg file. Also in ultraiso and transmac I can navigate through the contents of the .dmg fine (see all the install files).

    fwiw under 'properties/filesystem' in ultraiso the Apple HFS+ filesystem is checked and grayed out. The non-grayed out options are Joliet, UDF and Apple HFS.

    any advice would be appreciated. thanks

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    What you are asking for is illegal.
    It is also against Forum Rules.
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    Quote Originally Posted by D3v1L80Y
    What you are asking for is illegal.
    It is also against Forum Rules.
    Exactly how is it illegal? I purchased the OS on DVD. I own it. I want to put it on my machine which has only a CD drive. Apple says they will no longer trade the DVD for CDs, although they used to do this for $10. I cannot afford to replace my CD drive with a DVD drive.

    Are you telling me I am breaking the law by transferring software for which I have paid to a medium on which I can use it? How would you solve this problem in a way that you claim does not violate any law?

    I am not trying to steal anything, or break any rules. I would appreciate it if you would explain your position. Thank you.

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    You aren't transferring your own media to CD's. You are taking somebody elses CD medium which is illegal.
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    Your best solution is if you G3 powerbook use the fire wire port on notebook to connect up to another system using target mode. Using the system with the DVD drive, load the OS on the G3s hard disk.
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