I've tried posting this in the iBook section with no joy. So here it is here incase it is a software (OS) problem.

I'm running OS x.2.8 (Although same problem with OS x.1.x aswell). Machine is a dual usb ibook G3 600mhz model with 640MB ram.

The problem is with the NIC (ethernet card). When I plug into a hub (or any device with uplink light) the uplink light does not glow. Once plugged in to a hub, ~ifconfig en0 tells me that the device is active and has set itself to 10/bT half duplex etc....

However the hub does not recognise the connection and needless to say the iBook will not connect to network.

The funny thing about this is if I connect to a 100MB hub - I ~ifconfig says the NIC is inactive and the card does not set itslef to anything.

Sorry about length- any help appreciated. danke