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    Question how to preview pictures
    I was wondering if there is a way to preview pictures in the finder like windows xp. I know i can open them in the preview but then i want to be able to go next/forward in that but the arrow is grey. every time i want to go to the next picure i have to close the preview window and then double click the next picture.

    i know i can use iPhoto but then i have to wait till they are all imported first. is there a way to preview them in the finder or a way to go right to the next one in the preview without having to close every time?

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    You can select them all and then open them up in Preview.. that should do it. I personally really like "Picture Pop Pro" It's basically a contextual menu that you can select a whole bunch of images, and then right click, or control click and then click "Show with PicturePopPro" and then it does exactly what you said.. and more!

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