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    Desktop icons & Finder bar disappeared!
    I just finished installing 10.3.9 on my Dual 450 Mhz G4. Now the two hard drive icons, as well as every other icon on the desktop is absent. Likewise, there is no finder menu bar across the top. The menu bar will appear when I use a program from my dock, but only then. I have tried to force quit the finder, but it does nothing.

    I have run through the startup drive using Norton Utilities and updated all the items that the auto update finder had, but nothing has changed.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Restart....and if that doesn't work go to disk utility and repair permissions.

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    I tried to repair permissions, but in the middle it gave me a message - "Lost connection with disk management tool" After doing some research (See it seems it is a rogue file that causes this. Yet to fix it, I need to get into my hard drive, which is not accessible. Any thoughts? Thanks : )

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    Boot from your install CD and run Disk Utility from that. Then you can repair your startup disk.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. None worked, but I ended up fixing it by reinstalling the original system (10.3.4), then upgrading it to 10.3.9 with the combo download. Things seem to be in order now. :robot:

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