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    Loading Widgets
    Every time I restart my computer or a significant amount of time passes, and I go to use my widgets, I have to wait a few minutes (maybe seconds) for my widgets to load. It's rather frustrating. I was wondering if there was some setting that would make my widgets load when I started the computer and keep them loaded without me waiting?

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    They do load automatically. Do you have a weather widget or some other widget that connects to the Internet to constantly display info? That may slow it down because it is waiting for it to receive the info from the Internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob
    They do load automatically.
    you have to activate dashboard before they will load.

    if you want to load dashboard upon startup, try adding it to your login items. Go to System Preferences. There is a Login Items tab under the Accounts pref. pane. Click the little + at the bottom and find Dashboard. This should activate the dashboard when you login so all the widgets will load

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