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Thread: Is there anyway to make it so the Mount Point of My external HD is always the same??

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    Is there anyway to make it so the Mount Point of My external HD is always the same??
    Hello, I have a firewire external HD, and I have a lot of shortcuts in the Finder pointing towards this HD. I also have a lot of programs like Limewire and Azureus set with default directories pointing towards this external HD. It works fine sometimes, but sometimes when it remounts, it changes the Mount Point between for example '/Volumes/WAREZ 3' or '/Volumes/WAREZ 2' or all kinds of different names. This screws up all of those shortcuts and programs pointing towards it.

    Is there any ways to make sure that this mounting point is always the same??

    thanks in advance

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    I have a number of things pointed towards various external drives by default, but I've never had an issue with this happening. Do you regularly mount/unmount the drives while the computer is running?

    On a side note, the fact that you have admitted that this drive is use for Warez is not going to get you much help here, pirating or the use of illegal software is highly frowned upon in this forum.

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    Hey baggss I regularly mount/unmount the firewire drive while the mac's running, is this not a good thing?

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    I don't do "WAREZ" but on both my iMac G5 and Intel Core Duo Mini have large external drives. I have some applications on the externals and paths from apps on the main drive going to the external. It always works for me. Even iTunes. When the external is not mounted because I have it somewhere else, itunes just won't play those songs but when it's back in line, all is fine.

    The problem could be the Apps you are running like Limewire and Azureus although I have used Azureus and pointed it at my external and had no problems.

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    It may have to do with the mounting and unmounting while the machine is running. I don't do this with my external discs so I don't know for sure. I also agree that it may be the Apps your using as well....

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    I mount and unmout external drives while my MBP is running all the time. The only time I run into a problem is if a program is currently using the external drive. But every time I mount them they come back just the same and everything work so I don't think just the unmounting and mounting them is the problem. I don't use Limewire or Azurez so I can't say if they don't have something to do with it but from my expierence I would say it's them, or something wrong with the drive itself.

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