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    Keyboard shortcut for move to trash not working!
    Hi there.

    I am a recent switcher (monday!!!) and something odd has happened to my mac mini.

    when i first got the machine i instantly found that i was annoyed by having to right click to delete files from trash - i then found that i could do command delete.

    I swopped the modifier keys on the setup so te keypress was CTRL and Delete (backspace not forward delete).

    This worked fine until i had the space bar of my apple keyboard die after 3 days.

    I temporarily (for the evening) connected my PC keyboard and used that. I remember it prompted me to set up the hardware, and that was that.

    Now i came to put my new apple keyboard back in an d the move to trash doesnt work. However the CTRL SHIFT DEL for "empty trash" does work!!!

    The file isnt locked and i can right click it and select "move to trash" from the menu.

    Any ideas?

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    remember you can also drag files to the trash.

    it sounds like you need to reset your preferences in wherever you changed your keyboard setting back to default and then do whatever you want to them afterwords.

    remember that this is not windows and command+delete is a great lil function. the command key gets a lot of use. dont try to make your computer 'just like windows' because it is no where near it
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    you would think so - but as its a apple keyboard its not allowing me to do it as it "auto recognises" it.

    i have changed all things i can find back to default.

    GAHAAAA this is a pain!

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    Have you tried a permission repair?
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    i am VERY VERY new to apple. Could someone point me in the right direction?

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    pick go from finder

    pick utilities

    pick disk utilities

    repair disk permissions


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    Cheers - it didnt work - but its a very useful little screen any rate.

    As this was bought new from apple i have 90 days complimentary tech support so i will call them tomorrow daytime (we are on GMT so between 5 and 8 hours ahead of us time).

    I will let you know how that goes.

    I woudl say though that i am besotted with the mac way of doing things so far

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