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    Can't install OS X software after I changed the hard drive!
    Hello. I have a problem with my 12" ibook G4 (1.2 GHz, 512MB) which had OS X 10.4.2 Tiger and I really need help!!

    I changed the hard drive of my ibook and put a new 100GB Hitachi Travelstar (7200RPM) in it. I think I succeeded on putting the 100GB hard drive and the ibook looks perfectly fine. However, now, I can't install Mac OS X software. The install disc I used is OS X 10.3.7 (Panther). First I put the install disc, then the onscreen instruction comes out and tells me to choose the destination. However, nothing appears on the list and I can't even click "option". So that's where I am now.
    I actually got this ibook from my sister. This ibook originally has Panther. But when this ibook was purchased, it had Panther installed yet it came with discs of both Panther and Tiger. So my sister used the disc of Tiger for upgrade. The reason why I used Panther for installation after I put the new hard drive this time is because I thought I wouldn't be able to use the Tiger disc anymore since it was used once before. I'm not sure about it though.

    Anyway, I really need help asap! How can I solve this problem??
    Any ideas or advices will be appreciated!!

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    Before Mac OS X can be installed, the iBook will need to be able to reconize the drive. After the iBooks finishes booting from the installation cd, find the apple at the upper left hand corner & click on it. Move the cursor to the right & thru the options until you find "Open Disk Utility", click on this. It will open a new window, in which you will need to choose "Partition". After partitioning the drive, exit Drive Utility & you should be able to proceed with installing Panther. If you run into any other troubles, let us know & we can help you thru it more.

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