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    Question Help for customizing sounds
    Hey, I downloaded all these fun soundbytes from like "e-mail!" and "trash!", etc...

    I'm trying to get them to play as my default system alert sounds, but can't get them to... also not working for my mail program. I have OSX Jaguar on my iBook...

    I have the sounds on my desktop, but I can't figure out how to activate them as my default. I've gone through "System Preferences" under "Sound" but under "Sound Effects" it lists all the usual sounds like "Submarine" and "Tink" as in-built and I can't add my new ones?

    For my Mail program, which is "Mail" I set up the "new e-mail received "sound alert to be "email_sb" just fine, but I can't set up the "error" or "sent mail" or "no new mail" alerts... why not? Or how can I?

    Help please!!!


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    google for Xounds

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