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Thread: 10.4 to 10.3

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    Unhappy 10.4 to 10.3
    Hi all, i own a Ibook G4 ( latest verion with tiger ) and have a copy of 10.3 i need to downgrade my laptop due to some hardware i own that is 10.3 compatable only and the company never brought 10.4 drivers out etc. my app loads in 10.4 but the hardware it uses doesnt work ovbiously due to drivers or something. any ideas why i cant downgrade? when i inseert the 10.3 disk within the os the folder loads fine in the finder windows. i can browse all the files. even click the install thing that makes the mac restart. but when they pc restarts or i boot holding C i get the apple logo load then it moved slighty to the right and freezes my mac, the images moved to the right and i have a fuzzy picture to the left ( if it helps i could try get a screen shot ) hmm any ideas why i cant downgrade

    thanks guys. scott.

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    first if you get the install work, it will ask you to completely erase you HDD (that is mandatory when new system is replaced with old one).
    I'd install it on external HDD and run it from there.

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    here you go pics....
    ok here s a lil screener of my problem. this is after inserting the boot disk and restarting / holding C also this is what happens when i open it in finder and double click install / insert my keychain pass / agree to restart. notice the 2 lines one going down and one going left to the apple. thats where the image has moved acrros and i get 2 multicoloured lines to the side where it should sit.... *** for the post above i cant do that due to the fact the installer wont load

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