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mmcltd 06-14-2006 10:54 AM

Problem With Keyboard......
I have a problem with our new G5 quad, well the keyboard and mouse actually.

The problem has only started today and is quite a strange one.

Whenever i attempt to use the numbers on the right of my keyboard, Firstly they do not work and then they cause my mouse to lose the function of its click. It still moves but no click.

The only solution is to quit the apps and the mouse is restored to full clickable use. This is very strange!!!

The numbers on the top of my keyboard work fine, but using the ones on the right causes the above problem.

Can anyone help me out and point me to the problem?

Has anyone else come across this problem before?

Thanks in advance


surfwax95 06-14-2006 11:17 AM

It sounds like "Mouse Keys" may be turned on...

Open System Preferences, click on "Universal Access", click on the "Mouse" tab, then Uncheck "Mouse Keys".

Now try using those numbers again...

pajarodelaluz 02-02-2010 10:05 AM

I have other problem with my keyboard (excuse my english, i talk spanish).
When i am writing whit word program the keyboard stop. Dont function. Its happens continuous. The tecnical installed again operative system. I cant work. The ultimate day i have very difficult for restar system.
I need solution because i work in investigation. Its my work tool. Thank you!!

hughvane 02-02-2010 02:07 PM

To both mmcltd & pajarodelaluz, reboot your computer with the original Install disk by holding down the C key on startup. Once the Apple symbol is showing on the screen you can release the C key. Once the Mac is going properly, go to File > Disk Utilities. Verify hard disk and Repair if necessary.

If repair is successful, or if no problems are found, restart your computer as usual (no C key), and then Repair Permissions, preferably using OnyX Titanium Software.

Hopefully one or both of those operations will cure the keyboard input problem.

To mmcltd - if SurfWax's suggestion has not worked, do try another keyboard, even a cheap generic PC model to see if the problem is replicated.

toMACsh 02-02-2010 06:47 PM


Originally Posted by pajarodelaluz (Post 992248)
I have other problem with my keyboard (excuse my english, i talk spanish).
When i am writing whit word program the keyboard stop.

I'll respond in English since I only know a few words of Spanish!

Is this only in Word? Do you have Office for Mac 2004 or 2008 or some other version? I have a similar problem with Excel in O4M 2004 using OS 10.5.8 - what OS do you have?

My "solution" (really, a work-around) in Excel is to use the mouse to Save the file from the Menu, since the keyboard shortcut also will not work. Then I'm able to type again. I think it's a bug that Microsoft needs to fix.

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