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    Cloned HD to External FW drive, wont boot

    I was recently graced with a Lacie 250 GB external FireWire drive, I was stoked, since I'd wanted to install Ubuntu, too hard to config to run pff of the firewire drive, so, I used CarbonCopyCloner to clone my internal HD, and put OSX and my files on the FireWire drive, then put Linux on the internal drive

    One problem. The drive has been successfully cloned, but will not boot...

    Any suggestions? :headphone

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    have you been holding the option key down when booting in order to bring you to the screen that lets you choose your boot drive?
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    I haven't used CCC in awhile but I believe there is a preference to "make it bootable", you need to have chosen that if you wanted to boot from the drive.
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    Also, I've seen cases where it (for some reason) works best to first erase the *TARGET* disk using Disk Utility, and *then* use CCC to clone the drive.
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    You don't mention the hardware you are running; some older Macs will not boot from an external Firewire drive.

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