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    Lost Admin Password
    A long and sad story short: our company has lost an outstanding graphic artist to an auto accident. As we slowly adjust back to reality, we run into the small but significant problems that crop up in this situation. For this problem I turn to this forum, as frankly, I'm completely stumped. With our loss, we've also lost Administration access to the graphics computer, as we have no idea what the Admin password is. Is there anything we can do to solve this problem?

    Many thanks in advance for any help!

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    If you have the install disks, just pop it in. Boot up to the startup disk. Select utilities at the menu bar, select password recovery. select the administrative account and reset it to another password.

    Sorry about your loss.

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    iWonder, you are a Lifesaver, with (as should be noted) a capitol L!! Thanks so much!!

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