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    Unhappy Unable to start ibook in normal mode
    Hi Mac experts,

    I am trying to help my daugther with her ibook but who needs help now is me...

    I am Unix and windows user. I have never tried Mac until now.

    The problem with the ibook started after Tiger was installed and automatic update was applied

    Upgrade failed (I confirmed that reading the install.log)

    When we try to start the ibook a blue screen appears forever (all night running)

    I have tried safe mode. I ca execute fsck and no problems are reported.

    I have read in some forums that permissions can be an issue. I have not applied any of the proposal solutions because it has to be applied from the application and I can not start the interfase.

    Only I have communication with the OS if I start the ibook in safe mode and I do not know what to do after that

    I really appreciate any help



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    I am having the same issue, The install seemed to be going fine so I left it while it loaded and when i came back all i had was a blue screen. Now thats all i get after restarting

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    I would immediately use DiskWarrior in this case, rymoto.

    And nrodriguez1 welcome to Mac-Forums.

    Try reinstalling the 10.4.9 Combo Update. I've never ever had to try Safe Mode so really dunno this but can you go on the web to download that update? It is important you quit all apps before updating and unplug all peripherals (except keyboard and mouse of course) as well and not launch any apps while the installation process in under way.

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