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    E-mail Set-up Help Requested
    I am trying to set up Mac's mail client 1.3.11 with my newly acquired Adelphia cable internet.

    Both the incoming and outgoing mail servers are supposed to be and ARE

    I have entered in all of the details regarding password and e-mail and am receiving all mail sent to me, but am still receiving error messages when I try to send an email.

    My outgoing server port is set at 25.

    I formerly used Earthlink DSL as my ISP, and since I am keeping my Earthlink account active (solely for e-mail only) until I get all the kinks worked out of Adelphia, I currently have both mail accounts set up.

    I can send an email using my earthlink e-mail, but when I choose to send via Adelphia, I get the following error...

    "The server “” cannot be contacted on port 25.

    You can try to send using a different server. All messages will use this server until you quit or change your network settings."

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    So, to make sure I understand:
    You are connected to the Adelphia Network when you're trying to send outgoing Adelphia mail? The error message almost looks as though you're connected to Earthlink, and are trying to send via Adelphia's outgoing mail server, which would seem consistent with the error message. In some cases an alternative SMTP port will work (if they allow them), but if you *are* connected to Adelphia's network when sending outgoing mail, then the message doesn't make a lot of sense. Perhaps try enabling SSL? And, it's puzzling that the rejection message references, when you've indicated you're sending via You might also want to try simply using "mail" as the outgoing server name.

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    I'm almost positive that the error I am encountering is due to trying to access both earthlink and adelphia using the same client. I just decided to bite the bullet and set it up on my other Mac, and it's working fine off of that one. (Also operating system OS X 10.4, e-mail client 1.3.11- But it wasn't never set up for earthlink.)

    Hopefully as soon as I am finished with Earthlink and delete that mail account, my problems will be resolved.

    Thanks for all of your help.

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