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Thread: really need advice on a particular situation..PORTING SOFTWARE ONTO G5

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    really need advice on a particular situation..PORTING SOFTWARE ONTO G5
    hello everyone, i am new to this forum - so would like to thank you in advance for any advice i can get...

    when I purchased my G5 dual 2.7 last year, out of the box, i was given an option to port over existing software and files to from my old G4 to the new the newly purchased computer...a totally wonderful feature.

    my situation is this:
    i have to go on a job overseas inwhich i have to rent a G5 station to work on post production for a week. the software that i need for the job is on my G5 as well as my laptop - given to me as a 2x serial usage only.

    if i bring my laptop on site, is it possible to (1) clean install the rented G5 and (2) port over all my software from the LAPTOP?

    i am asking because it seems that the install disks for a powerbook (G4 alu) and powermac seem different, which leads me to think that the infrastructure is different or incompatable ... or is the porting feature just simply a transfer of files? (not sure if that last statement makes sense but i think you get the idea)

    the software is essential but i am obviously trying to save a buck.
    any ideas?

    ps, i also just realized - not sure how serial# system works, the install i was given worked on both my tower and powerbook and thats it. if the porting works will the new/rented computer accept the serial/authentication from my laptop?

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    The short answer is yes,...G5 and G4 Macs will work with the same software and settings.

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    i guess i was talking about the migrate feature and serial numbers specifically. but thanks.

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