Hello everyone,

I am having a bit of an issue here. Earlier i rebooted my system and when it came back up i noticed that Adium was no longer in the dock, this was not a big deal because i just put it back into the dock. However I also noticed another issue. Whenever i am in a window that has a horizontal scroll bar, if i scroll to the right and keep the mouse in the active window it scrolls back to the left automatically in a jumpy manner. If i scroll all the way to the right and immediately move the mouse outside of the active window it remains where i put it. When i put the mouse back over the active window, it scrolls back on it's own again.

I am not sure what happened to cause this. Some have asked me if my mouse is dirty.... I have the Logitech MX 1000 Laser mouse, i checked and it doesnt seem to be dirty. Also because i move the mouse out of the active window and it doesnt scroll back, it makes me think it is an issue with the windowing system or something else.

Any help to resolve this issue would be helpful.

Joseph Crawford