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    Question Importing .vcf from Panther Address Book to PC Outlook?
    This is one I haven't seen before (or I haven't looked in the right place). I exported the .vcf file from my Panther Address Book. I e-mailed it to myself at work, because I wanted the same address book on Outlook 2000 on my work PC. Outlook won't accept the file; it says "The specified file is not valid for this operation." Given that I can't upgrade Outlook (gov't computer on a VERY protected network), I'm looking for work-arounds. I'll accept and try any and all ideas. Thank you for your help!


    P. S. BTW, Panther Address Book imports an address export from Outlook 2000 very nicely (at least nicely enough for my satisfaction given the cross-platform).

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    Thanks; I had already tried all those things. Nothing works (and I've been doing pretty serious cross-platform work since 1994). At this point I'm looking at possible solutions such as uploading my Panther Address Book .vcf file to, say, a Web-based address book, then downloading (exporting) the addresses to my work PC. My only problem is a 10 MB .vcf file.

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