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    iPhoto launch when flash card inserted into PCI slot
    i have a flash card adapter for for my pci slot on my power book and evey time i inset a card iPhoto launchs when all i want to do is drag and drop the photos in the finder. can i get iPhoto to stop launching every time?

    also when i copy from the flash card in the PCI slot its a lot faster than doing by usb 1 from the camrea but the hogs the CPU to the point it makes it hard to do any thing esle dose any one no why this is?

    i am running 10.4.5
    on a 1.67 G4 power book with 2GB ram

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    i dont have no mac's
    i already answered this question like 4 hours ago in the forums

    open image capture, go to its preferences and change it in there
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    i dont remember

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