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    HELP!!! Is it the hard drive or installation?
    Hi I recently started to get some problems with my iBook 1Ghz G4 (safari wouldn't open, address book would quit etc) so I decided to reistall the OS from the disks supplied and then it all went wrong...

    I get so far on the installation and it stops saying "error during installation please restart" I have completely erased the hard drive using disk utility and zero'd it, verified it and everything works ok but when I go to install it fails? I also purchased a copy of Tiger for my iMac and tried to install this to see if it was the disks supplied with the ibook and that didn't work either? All I get now when I turn on the computer is a blue/grey screen with folder icon and a flashing question mark in it!!! I know there is a program called Disk Warrior that might help but I live in the UK and it costs about 70 so i don't want to buy it and find it won't do anything.

    Any advice more than welcome...


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    Connecting your iBook and iMac via firewire then boot the iBook into target disk mode (cmd +t) and install the OS from the iMac.

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    Thank You!!!!
    Thanks - I hooked the iBook up to the iMac and it worked perfectly! Not sure why it wouldn't install from the drive in the iBook but for now it is all working smoothly.


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