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    Finder/Folder View Options
    Can someone help me to better understand how this works? For example:

    I see that desktop mounted drives, or folders that open in a new window, seem to be easily customized, and the view options I choose "stick". However, the default Finder (when I click the dock finder icon) doesn't seem to hold view options when I move from one sidebar folder to another. And, it seems that most of the view options are only available when viewing in icon mode or list mode. I'd love to be able to have each sidebar folder "alias" result in a different view, but it seems that I can almost get that to work, but when I re-launch Finder the default column views re-appear. I have created desktop mounted aliases of some folders (images as an example), and those view options seem to stick. Is there some mystery/magic to this that I'm missing? Thanks!


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    Hey I know this is from a while ago but I've got the same question. Why doesn't finder hold the view options when I use icon view. I'm trying to get my application folder to stay at a 4 row width but everytime I open it anew it reverts to some default 2 icon width. Anyone got the info?

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    This drove me crazy.
    I couldn't believe how "undocumented" and hard this was to figure out.

    The desired view will "take" if

    - you are currently on an Administrator account, and
    - you change the view (via the view selectors) while the Home account/folder is selected.


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