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    Can you run Tiger and OS 8.6 on the same computer? RE: Repair Permissions

    I don't fully understand how "Repair Permissions" work and when it is needed and therefore I would like to post this question for some clarification. Using "Repair Permissions" for troubleshooting is a controversial issue. I read this interesting opinion [1] about Repairing Permissions and now I am concerned that it may not be safe for me to install my old OS 8.6 on my OSX installed computer due to a "permission" conflict between OS 8 and OS X.

    Could someone confirm this with me please? Could this cause some file permission problems?

    I would use OS 8.6 to run my older Adobe Illustrator 8 application and photoshop 6. And then I will boot onto Tiger for everything else. I would switch a few times per day back and forth.

    Basically, is it safe to run Tiger on the same computer that has OS 8.6 installed on it? (I am not concerned about making 8.6 run in the Classic environment because I know that doesn't work - I am refering to having separate bootable installs)


    PS I am aware of how to change my startup OS on this particular computer (b&w G3). I would have to have the two OSs on the same volume and launch X by pressing x -key during startup due to the fact that OS 8.6 doesn't have the Startup Disk feature introduced in OS 9. That was an earlier separate discussion that has since been solved.

    I could choose to instead use my OS 9.2 but I have reserved that OS for another computer unfortunately. However depending on the outcome of this post, I might have to reconsider.

    Further details:

    My concern is that if, for example, I create a JPEG image file in Tiger and then after re-booting into OS 8.6 and using Photoshop 6 to edit this same JPEG image file, would this damage the permission settings of the JPEG file or cause other file management problems for Tiger?

    Could working in OS 8.6, mix up Tiger's file system? (I would only use 8.6 for Photoshop 6 and illustrator 8 files and some text files.)
    Would it be necessary for me to Repair Permissions every time I booted back into Tiger after using OS 8.6?

    That would be time consuming wouldn't it? How long does the Repair Permissions process usually take? And would it be guaranteed to be able to fix all possible file management problems that OS 8.6 might cause?

    These are my concerns. Or am I worrying for nothing?

    Should I forget about OS 8.6 altogether and go out and buy OS 9.2 instead (9.2 is the most compatible classic OS for OSX)?

    Thank you.

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    I don't see any problem in using 8.6 and Tiger on the same machine. You already know that it can't be used in Classic mode, so I have no need to point that out. :cool:

    But I would recommend using 9.2.2 under Tiger in Classic mode...that way, you don't need to reboot everytime you want to use Illustrator or Photoshop. They run just nicely in Classic.

    Allthough, I would also recommend to put some memory in, as running Classic in OS X is really a memory hog.

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    Repairing permissions does not affect your data. It only work on system files and applications in the OS X environment.
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