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    Unclickable Gray Menus- can not BURN Discs for backup
    Some body--Anybody. How do you reverse the unclickable Gray Menus? An example: Can not click "Burn Disc" or customize toolbar in the "Finder"[LEFT][B] MAC Help only says to mget permission From System Administrater. It's my G4 I am the Administrater. So what do I do? Can Not back up my critical files.[LEFT][FONT=Lucida Console][SIZE=3][COLOR=DarkRed]

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    Have you repaired permissions using Disk Utility?
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    Gray Menus/Disk utility
    [QUOTE=schweb]Have you repaired permissions using Disk Utility?[/QUOTE
    Thanks. Yes I have done Disk Utility. I have also burned an itunes CD, so the hardware drive is fine. I have also gone into the general permissions to be certain that MY account is administrative. I am not certain exactly how to "restore" and have considered inserting the mac OS X software. Trouble is I Do Not wish to loose any existing files while doing so. One thing: I used Disk Copy and draged the Mac Draft to it. After 40 minutes I received and error when finished. I have Tech Pro 4 and it did say there was a invalid Map Node 1-800?? Problem with the Tech Pro is that there are NO self-explained repair commands. Even so I don't know if that has any relationship to my problem with unclickable "gray menus".

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