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    PLEASE HELP: OSX restart problem
    I'll try to keep this simple.

    I reinstalled 10. 3 today and proceded to update all the software. When I restarted after the updates were complete, instead of getting my desktop, text appeared on the screen that said "You need to restart your computer..." (that's not a direct quote, but if you've seen the text, you'll know what I'm talking about)--so I restarted, and I got the same screen over and over and over again.

    Does anyone know what's going on with my mac?

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    is it in 13 or so different languages???? if so that is a kernel panic.

    sounds like you need to go here ( ) and follow all the steps except the repair permissions one (because you wont be able to get there)

    to repair your permissions, the first step you should take. put your osx install cd in your cd drive, boot up holding the 'C' key, in the menu bar you should be able to find the 'disk utility' option somewhere, open that up and then click repair permissions.

    the main cause of a kernel panic is faulty hardware, mainly bad ram, but since everything was running fine (i think?) it sounds like your hardware was fine.

    last, but should be my first question, Whey did you re-install OS X??????????
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