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    File from a Windows user messed up my fonts
    I had to work with a Word file created in Windows. Now when I go to use certain fonts ... well, they're no longer there. I looked at my Font application, and they were gone. I checked my Library/Fonts and many of my fonts now have a Windows "id tag" on them. (This creeps me out.) I checked another font folder under systems, and I seem to still have all the basic fonts the OS needs to work correctly. But I AM missing certain fonts in my other library and in my fonts application. Some kind of bad magic seems to have happened.

    I'm very confused. (Also upset.) I work in PhotoShop, and it seems some Adobe ID-ed fonts are gone too. (One file I need for a graphic is zipped away.) I checked under my Adobe applications and don't see any font folder I could use to restore those fonts.

    Essentially, one little Work file from Windows seems to have changed my fonts! I keep hoping there's some trick to getting them back without reinstalling my OS and Photoshop. I'm not very savvy with these things, and can't believe the OS just adjusted everything and adopted it without a warning ... nothing.

    Also, is there ANY way I can avoid this kind of thing happening in the future? I'll need to work with Windows-generated Word files again, and once I get this all straightened out, I don't want to repeat the problem. Sure wish I'd made a copy of my library font folder ...

    Any help would be sincerely appreciated. I'm using OS 10.4.2 on a G5 imac, 20-inch iSight.

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    Well,...I'm pretty puzzled too. The fact that you were not presented with any dialog box Mac, Word or otherwise leads me to suspect perhaps a corruption in the Word file, or a bug in Word. Make sure you have the latest Servive Pack for Office installed on your Mac.

    You can install Mac font by using the OS CD/DVD and a program called Pacifist. This app will restore the package contents of you guessed it, packages that contain the fonts that are messed up (Apple only). As for the Adobe font it sounds like you'll need to get that somewhere else.

    You should not only back up your fonts folder, but you're entire library as well.

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    I'll have to look for Pacifist. Does it pretty much walk you through the process, giving you options? (I just need the fonts.) I'm assuming I can download this somewhere. I sure wish I knew why this happened.

    In any case, thanks for the response.

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