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    Various Questions

    I have a few questions regarding a large network of eMacs which I am re-imaging because of a few faults.

    How does one set a default wallpaper onto an mac os x image that overides any other wallpaper that any user has or sets even their preferences that are stored on their network folder. I tried replacing the "Aqua Blue" wallpaper (and delete all the others) with my own in the wallpaper images folder in System folder. This has worked before, but not this time. It just seems to default back to the original blue wallpaper for any new users who login.

    In our existing image, the other techie disabled spotlight somehow, but then the clock dissapeared. When you hover the mouse over where the clock should be, you get the beachball (like it has crashed or something). It goes away when you move the mouse off. Is there a way to disable spotlight without affecting the clock?

    Is there a way to disable the "Restart" and "Shut Down" commands in the apple menu and only allow "Logoff"? This has caused inconvenience when a class comes in and have to wait for half the machines to boot up.

    Our network is based on Windows Server 2003. Accounts are stored in Active Directory and the Mac profiles are provided through Workgroup Manager on a Panther Server. The client machines are the last generation of eMacs all running 10.4.5.

    If anybody could offer any suggestions.....I'd much appreciate it.


    Another quick question. We have had 2 emacs die. We need to send them back, but because their a discontinued model, would apple have old stock they could use or would they send out possibly an iMac or something else? I wonder if Apple Australia have any eMacs in stock.

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    I haven't used Panther server enough in the past to remember what options you have in Workgroup Manager but I can tell you this,...In Tiger server you can turn off the Display preference from being displayed in the System Preference app. Then in your image you can modify the /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj(could be Non_Localized)/Library/ with the Property List Editor available in XCode 2.2. Which inturn would leave users with the terminal being their only option to modify the Desktop, which you could restrict that app from users as well.

    Tiger server also allows you to remove the Shut Down and restart options from the Apple menu along with spotlight.

    I'd try Apple if the eMacs are in warranty otherwise I'd try eBay.

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