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    Unhappy how come it would NOT let me delete this file?
    I have this mp3 file on my desktop and no matter what I do I can't get rid of it. I'm so frustrated, I think I'm gonna destroy my ibook. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Could somebody help me please.....??????

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    Ok go to "Applications" -> "Utilities" -> "Terminal" Double click on Terminal.

    Now type in "cd Desktop"

    Now type "sudo rm <name of file>" You can also start typing the name of the file and hit the tab key for it to auto complete.. if it doesnt autocomplete, type a little more, etc etc until it autocompletes.

    Then hit enter, type in your administrator password and bam! It's gone!

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    OMG thank you so much, I finally got rid of the damn bug. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU

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    I have a similar issue with a file called Palm Desktop Installer and I was directed to this thread. When I follow the steps here is what happens;

    Last login: Sat Feb 7 16:09:40 on ttyp2
    Welcome to Darwin!
    Kris-Kjellquists-Computer:~ kriskjellquist$ cd Desktop
    Kris-Kjellquists-Computer:~/Desktop kriskjellquist$ sudo rm <Palm Desktop Installer>
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'
    Kris-Kjellquists-Computer:~/Desktop kriskjellquist$ sudo rm Palm Desktop Installer
    rm: Palm: No such file or directory
    rm: Desktop: No such file or directory
    rm: Installer: No such file or directory
    Kris-Kjellquists-Computer:~/Desktop kriskjellquist$

    So with after searching help I was able to clear the Trash by holding down Option when emptying the Trash....I guess most times the simple solution is what works....later.

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    kjellquist, you can't type spaces in the Terminal in filenames with a backward slash "\" in front of each space character.

    OR you could type "sudo rm" then drag the icon representing the file you with to trash into the terminal window, and the mac will type the name for you.

    There are non-terminal ways to do this stuff, try searching on your favorite shareware search site for "Delete It" or "Trash It" they are small downloads and usually work.

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    In the terninal enter file name with spaces by doing the following:

    "file name" or file?name

    the firdst one you need to use either the single or double quotes (' or ") around the word. The second one uses the wild card character '?'. It will replace it self with any character. So be sure you both have any words woth other characters in the name (i.e. filebname, file-name, etc.).

    The easiest way is to drag and drop.

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