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    Question Activating Fonts
    We have auser who is using Quark v5 on his new Mac he is saying that he only has 3 fonts available and when he goes into suitcase to try and activate them he gets the following error message:

    There are fonts in the suitcase Clarendon that conflict with fonts in the system Fonts folder. You must remove the fonts from the Sytem Fonts folder and restart before you can activate these fonts with Suitcase.

    Does anyone know whats going on and what I need to do to resolve this?

    I am very new to Mac's (could write what I know on the back of a stamp) so if anyone can help I would be grateful!


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    Don't delete system fonts!!!!

    Quark 5 is a classic (OS 9) app. Classic apps that run in Classic mode (OS X running OS 9 as an app) look for fonts in many places. Depending on which version of suitcase (I assume it's a classic version) you may need to point suitcase to limited font locations to resolve conflicts.

    Try quiting suitcase, then launch quark to see what fonts are availible.

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    Thanks for the reply, it's Suitcase version 10 that they are using, where do I need to point Suitcase??

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