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Thread: Compiling to a Binary?

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    Question Compiling to a Binary?
    I have a question that I have googled before but I still can not find a solid answer.
    Say I downloaded a source code package for a program. It says that the following cod can be compiled and run on Linux and OS X. The software comes with instructions to first run the command "configure" and then the command "make".
    Ok, so, I get to the right directory, run the configure command. That works fine, or at least I think so. Then I run the command "make" but that returns an error that the following command is not valid.
    What do I do? How do I compile the source code into a binary that I can dump into my applications folder?

    Thank you beforehand

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    Try "man make" in the terminal to get the proper syntax for using make in OS X. Linux commands don't always translate exactly to the OS X command.

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    Do you have the developer tools installed? What is the application?

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    OK, i got X11 installed along with the Apple Developer packages and GCC. Now the trouble is finding all the dependency libraries.
    Anyone got a tutorial on the matter?

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