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    Question iPhoto problems
    I have a new iMac (got in Sept.) G5 1.9GHz with OS 10.4.5. And latly I have bee having trouble with iPhoto, only about half of the images show up...they are just white..and when i go to scrole it just goes into a long load and when its finished it only move a little. I am wondering if anyone else has had anyproblems or could it be interfering with any of the programs I have running (Teamspeex, SCXc, AA or Macromedia Flash trial)..

    Could those things have some problem with it or is there a way to fix that from happening??..if so could somon help me?..and yes I have deleted things and reboted many times.


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    how many photos do you have? i heard from the keynote there was a limit. upgrade to ilife 06?

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    I got 1300 photos

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    I did a quick check of the Apple discussions and found one reference to this problem.

    A user stated he had installed QuickTime 7.02 and believed it didn't install right. He downloaded the full installer and reinstalled that. I'm not convinced that was part of the problem, but mention it because he did.

    He then started iPhoto in a manner that rebuilds the thumbnail images. Apparently he held both the Apple key and the option key and started iPhoto. (I didn't try this because my iPhoto library is fine.)

    Oh. I don't suggest you randomly delete things when you don't have an idea what the problem is.

    The other programs shouldn't be affecting iPhoto, unless they are iPhoto add-ons, or your directly accessing photos in the iPhoto library via the folders.

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    ok..thnxs man..i will try that out, that sounds good

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    did this work for you or did you find another solution?
    I am having a similar problem (deleted photos have in some instances left a "ghost picture", all white, and in that section where any "ghosts" are on display iphoto locks up and grinds to a virtual halt and i have to force quit to resolve.

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