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Thread: Mac Buttons?

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    Mac Buttons?
    This past week I was in the local mac store in Indiana. While there I noticed on all the computers they had a little oval in the middle of the desktop. Inside the oval were four different "buttons" to click. A couple "buttons" were for ical, i think one was for safari, and there was one other. When clicking on one of these "buttons" they would take you to a website or open up a schedule of todays appointments in ical or other random things. Also, when you would hover over them it would say something like "Genius Bar" or "Visit the Online Store." I asked one of the employees what they were and she said that they were called "mac buttons" but, I've searched for "mac buttons" and found nothing. So...My question is has anyone else seen anything like this? If so, is there anyway I can get something like this on my computer?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like an Apple widget of sorts. Look in Activity Viewer next time you're there to see if anything looks like a possible match. Otherwise it's probably just a desktop widget.

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    no its made by apple especially for the demo machines and no you cant modify it to run at home as i asked when we opened our store

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