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    Just Showing Off
    There doesn't seem to be anyone posting their enhanced customized Mac pictures here, so I guess I'll start.

    Clicky Here

    I'm using ShapeShifter to make it look all spiffy, Windowshade X to make the applications minimize to the bottom right of the screen, ClearDock to make the Dock clear (it can also change the Dock color), Tinkertool to put the Dock on the left, iChoose, Tigerlaunch, Meteorologist, a customized Mail icon, a customized Limewire icon, and a customized HD icon. Any questions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Curlynose1
    There doesn't seem to be anyone posting their enhanced customized Mac pictures here
    ya, we do

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    Didn't realize that. I'll stick it there.

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