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    Mac / Windows file problem
    Hello everyone,

    I've got following problem:
    I have 3 Macs (OS X 10.3.9), a few PCs and Windows NT server.
    Recently NT server ran out of disk space so I decided to get new one. New box has got Windows 2003 Server installed.
    I connected new box to the network, prepared drives to be accessible for Mac and started to copy data.
    Once I finished copying data, I changed old server name and IP to some other and new server has got old server's name and IP.
    And here the problem begins:
    All Quark files seem lost their icons and associations. Now the icon appearing in the Finder is the Terminal one. Trying to open ends up with the standard dialog box: choose the aplication to open this file.
    As I haven't got time to play with it I went back to old set up (old server, old name and IP). Another surprise: I cannot access files on the old server - same problem. Icons disappeared, files cannot be open as there's no default application.
    Can someone tell me what is the exact way of saving / copying files in mixed Mac / Windows environment ? Have I done something wrong on the way ? And the most confussing thing: why I cannot go back to the original set up ? Does changing server name affect Mac files stored on the Windows server ?

    Any help and thoughts appreciated.

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    ...and so lies the problem of macintosh resource forks on non hfs volumes,...

    Sorry to say, but the damage is done. As long as the other server is still alive I would copy the data back to the macs and then up to the new server. However as a note for the future you should try to store mac files in either disc images or compressed archives. I've had a few customers that had this happen.

    Copying from NT to NT will not preserve the resource forks that are native to macs.

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    Thanks for a reply.

    However I just found out a few things:
    current settings: new server under old server's name and IP; created a test Quark project on a new server. Then copied the project file accross the network using different ways: either using servers, Macs or PCs. Copied the file to various different locations and I'm still able to see the file with the correct icon. More important, I can open the file normal way, by double click, and it opens by default in Quark.
    In the meantime restarted the server and it still keeps the info...

    For me it looks like there was something on the way that went wrong in this particular case. I have completed the same upgrade about 5-6 years ago without any problems. Just copied files from one server to another and everything worked fine until this happened.

    I'm confussed that the same environment can behave different way in various attempts of doing the same.

    Any other suggestions or explanations ?

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