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    One file is 71gb
    Hey everyone so magically I had 70 gb missing on my system, osX 10.4.5 So i managed to find the file and its:


    I have no idea what this file directory is or If I can delete this file..Anyone have a clue? Can I delete this file? I hope I can . Thanks


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    HOLY C**P!!!! Something is seriously looping on your system. The 501 console log is your system console log. On a healthy user (i.e. non server) system the console should generate about 400 Mb a year. (EDIT: And even then it is automatically deleted every month if automated maintenance is being run.)

    Delete the file. The .0 on the end means it is a rotated file being kept for looking at older events. Look on your current console.log and see if you are getting some event repeating over and over.

    I can not stress this enough, a 70Gb log file means there is something extremely wrong going on. Most likely something caught in an infinite loop sending to the log.

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    Wow ok I just checked it nothing repeating..But my brother is using a prog called azereus and that seems to be showing up alot.. Nothing rpeating though.. Maybe Ill just delete that prog.. Thanks man!

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    No problem. At a guess whatever was generating the messages stopped when you rebooted. That file is so big though I would not even attempt to open it. A Gb or two and we might have tried tail to look at the end, but that is scary big for a log.

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    thats crazy! what computer do u have?

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    I really want to know what is in the file but its probably not a good idea to open it.
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