On Windows machines, I traditionally keep the boot drives in the computers I work on as small as possible if two or more drives are used in the system. This greatly speeds up defragging and other activities. I would rather go with a 36gb 10krpm Raptor than a 500gb 7200rpm Seagate as the primary drive any day. Seeing as how there's no defrag app in Mac and the background janitor stuff takes care of the system, does it really matter? I've been pondering the idea of doing having a Firewire boot drive on the Intel Mini rather than an internal drive. For example, you could add a 60gb 7200rpm drive internally and tack on a huge hard drive externally, or you could forego the speedy internal drive and invest in, say, a 400gb 7200rpm Firewire drive and use that as the primary boot drive. Assuming money was no object and you could buy 7200rpm drives both internally and externally, which would you go with? I don't know if there would be a reason to go with a smaller boot drive in OS X as I'm not as familiar with the OS as I am with Windows.