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    Wink HELP~Anyone know how to install Connectix VPC 3 on Tiger OSX?
    I'm new to this forum so please forgive me if I am not listing this question in the correct place. I purchased a IMAC G5 about a month ago. Just in case anyone needs to know, it's Tiger OSX 10.4.5. After reading reviews, I decided that I wanted to install Virtual PC on my mac, but I wanted to use Windows 98SE. So, I purchased Connectix VP 3.0. I had to install Classic 9.0 mode on my computer to get the install to work. Then when it installed I clicked on setup and it said "not supported on os x" and won't let me go any further. I did read that it installs on os x from the person I bought it, of course that may not be entirely true. I'm just wondering, should I run Classic mode and then try to install this? I don't even know how to run classic mode, lol! I'm a new mac user so please forgive me for sounding stupid. I hate to even use windows on this machine BUT ... I'm a graphics artist and web site designer and I have programs that ONLY run on windows that I use.

    Thank you to any one who can help a girl out

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    VPC 3 will definitealy not run under OS X. The first version I know of that was (barely) usable with OS X was VPC 5. But still it was better to use it under OS 9. VPC 6 was the first well running version for OS X.

    In Classic mode you do not run OS 9 natively, but in some sort of emulating mode (not exactly, but it's easier to understand that way ). Newer Macs, like any Mac with a G5 processor, and some of the later G4 models, are not able anymore to boot with OS 9, which is required though if you want to run any VPC under OS 9.

    If you really want to use VPC on your new iMac, you should get the latest version, it is the best VPC so far, and it will run any MS OS (including MS DOS!!).

    Oh, by the way, if you wanted to use Win98SE (or any other Windows) to play some older games, forget won't work. The emulated PC is way too slow.

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    Thanks for your help! I still don't understand HOW to do it though. How would I go about making it run and work? Do you know the best way?

    If I were to get the newest version with XP ... isn't that going to slow down my computer? The reason I bought this one was because I had read on the net that if I was going to run Virtual PC, that I should go with a Windows 98 version as it doesn't require as much memory and that it runs better.

    Basically, I'm needing to run some standard programs on the Virtual PC. One of the programs I want to run is Trellian, which is an html editor. I have used others out there, and I am so good in this particular one that I want to keep using it. Any other programs would be small as well. I have, for the most part, been able to switch over to the mac using either the software I used on windows OR getting used to mac software. The only exception is this Trellian program that I am dead set on Stupid, I know, but I'm over loaded with work and don't have time to sit down and try to learn a new html editor.

    Could you help me install this thing on my computer because I have no clue what I am doing here. I have never been at a loss with any thing having to do with computers, but this one thing is really confusing me.

    Thanks so much again for all your help!

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    It appears that you cannot make it work. The version is just way too old. You can buy the newer VirtualPC without an OS if you already have one.

    I haven't tried Windows 98 in VirtualPC. I currently run Windows 2000 Pro instead. It runs fairly quickly on my iBook and requires less overhead than XP.

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    Do you currently have a PC running XP and Trellian? If so, enable remote connections and stick it in a closet or somewhere out of the way and plug it into your network. Then just use the free RDP client for Mac and run Trellian that way. I'll will also be faster than Virual PC.

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