Hello all, Im new to macs, (well havent used once since the Apple II gs), so I got this powerbook, been using it for a few months now but recently Ive been having a LOT of lockups, and having problems when I connect USB devices, its just not recognizing them anymore, so I figured a reformat/reinstall would definately help. Went out and bought an OS X disc, popped it in, it asks to restart, I do, it takes a reaaaaaly long time, then it changes to a blue screen and freezes indefinately there. Now I have a G4 desktop, and slapped the disk in there and it does almost the same thing just not as slow, it goes to the same color blue screen BUT instantly a box pops up and I am able to install OS X from there....so whats going on with the powerbook?

Ive tried booting and holding down alt/option and directing the mac to boot from the CD-rom, but it does the same exact thing. Any help is greatly appreciated. btw specs are below:

powerbook 1.67mhz
1.5gb of ram
OS X 10.4.5