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    keeping a window open

    i am eyeing up the mac mini for my youngest kid who's at school,
    trouble is she gets windows windows and more windows at school
    but i would like to bring her into the osx webmac ilife itunes etc mac environmnent.

    to do this i would require to ditch the last pc at home and become a
    complete mac habitat, but i'm wary she would lose out on staying sharp in the windows world.

    what are peoples opinions? should we keep a window of opportunity or go
    all mac.

    any thoughts?

    kind regards

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    There is no reason why you can't have a windows box. It's a necessary evil most Mac users are aware of.

    The nice thing about freedom is that we have choice. Most Mac users are just that because of choice. Introducing your daughter to a Mac is not a bad idea but she in the end may choose PC's simply because it's what she likes.

    I keep a PC around just to keep up and fresh on it as well as help out my family and friends when there mountain of issues crumbles )

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    Personally I don't think there is much you can do on a Windows box that you can't do on a Mac. There is certainly a lot you can do on a Mac that you can't do on Windows though.

    I remember looking at Macs years ago and saying 'No no' almost just because of the compatibility issues, but OS X is lightyears ahead of anything else now and the seemless integration with the Windows world is excellent.
    The only thing you are limited to on a Mac is games, but if you're not a hardcore gamer than that isn't an issue either, there are still some good titles out for a Mac.

    However, it is important for any young person in today's world to be fully aware of how to function on a Windows machine. So what you need to consider is, if you take away Windows from your household, will your daughter still remember how to operate a Windows PC when she needs to? If the answer is yes, then throw out Windows.....If you think she is still learning Windows and needs more time with it too, then keep it around for a while longer.

    I used Windows for 10 years and I'm telling you, I could never ever forget how to use it and I used Windows on every platform since 95 at a pretty advanced level. I never use Windows anymore, I touch a Windows machine once a week if I'm lucky (or not so lucky?) and that is probably when I'm teaching Windows (which I do one day a week).

    Essentially, the important thing is that your daughter is able to enjoy the Mac Platform like you do, but still be able to integrate with the Windows world when she needs to. That is the key, in my opinion atleast.

    Good luck!

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    Set up a new user for her on the IMac G5 and keep the Windows box.

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    In my opinion it would be wise for your child to have familiarity and comfort with Windows, even if Mac becomes her preferred platform. In big business it is still a Windows dominated world, basic use and comfort with a Windows machine is almost a necessity.

    So I would encourage her to be comfortable in both and let her find which she prefers herself.

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    I also agree that there is no reason to pigeonhole yourself into one particular platform. To go "only Mac" or "only Windows" is completely irrational and just plain stupid IMO. If you want to be as productive and as proficient as you can be then just use both Windows and Mac.
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    very interesting suggestions

    guys brilliant suggestions interesting that nobody suggests
    ditching windows.

    thank you

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    I agree. In business it is almost assumed that you can use Windows. If your daughter loses the know how it could hinder her in late life. I would keep both. In fact that is what I have done, I have my Windows laptop and my iMac. Best of boh worlds.

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