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    How do I switch from fullscreen back to desktop?
    How do I switch from fullscreen back to desktop? I was playing WoW, then the **** AirPort disconnected itself, and I couldn't jumb back to the desktop. I had to do a hard reset (by pulling out the battery, ouch!)

    If an app in fullscreen mode freezes, what am I supposed to do?


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    Used to have this problem, but to save myself the aggravation of trying to find a way to force quit a fullscreen game, I just decided to play in windowed mode.
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    A simple programming of a 2-click mouse would allow you to access all the additional options with a right click and it'll allow you to exit your fullscreen mode.

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    Not all games quit when you comman+option+escape, also some have a key combo to go into window mode, however some games have no way to fix this.

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