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    Connecting to Mac from PC problem
    I’ve been connecting to my Mac from my PC, and it worked great. I reinstalled the operating system on the Mac (10.2.7) and now I can’t connect.

    I have “windows file sharing” enabled on the Mac, and it says “you can connect to the Mac from your pc by going to \\\skop” … “skop” is the name of the Mac user.

    I have a Router and the Mac ip is

    I can ping the mac and get a response, and the mac can connect to the internet no problem.

    When I try to connect from the PC I get an authentication box on the pc asking me for my user name and password… BUT when I enter in the user name “skop” and enter the correct password, the user name “skop” changes to “Ezra\skop” (Ezra being the name of my PC) …. As if I where trying to authenticate to a windows network … BUT THIS DIDN”T HAPPEN BEFORE!
    And I can’t connect

    …any ideas?

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    out of curiosity?....can you connect the other way? i mean, can your mac access your windows files?

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    wow...i have the same problem on my xp machine connecting to my mac as well.
    and i have NO issues accessing the pc from my mac...thats a breeze...and we all know that...its just gettin this pc to play friendly with the mac just doesnt seem to work..

    so any help on this issue would be sure we'd both appreciate it

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    im running into the same thing... its strange... i had found a way around the error at work a while ago, but i can't figure out how to do it again now for the life of me...agravating huh...

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    Has anyone been able to resolve this?

    I have been having the same problem. I can access the PC from the mac with no problem, but when I try and connect to the Mac from the PC it brings up the Macs computer name(my name) and asks for a network password I have no idea what password to use, I have tried to leave it blank and I have tried to use my Mac user profile password but that won't work either. I don't have a network password for the PC.

    I am using a netgear router with jaguar OS.

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    I1) In System Preferences click the Sharing icon

    2) Select Windows file sharing and return to System Preferences

    3) Click the Accounts icon

    4) Click the New User button

    create a new user name and a password for this user name. Make sure to check the box marked "Allow User To Log In From Windows" box. This is the account a Windows user will use to connect to the Mac.

    5) Click Save

    If you don't want to create a new account, you can edit an existing one and select the Allow User To Log In From Windows check box.

    I got all of this from a book entitled Mac OS X Headaches by Curt Simmons
    Níl aon tinteán mar do thinteán féin

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    Your all wrong the problem that your having is that your windows and mac are using different domains, i can bet by your problem that you are using windows XP on your PC computer, win XP by default choses the domain of MSHOME. the default for the mac is WORKGROUP. the reason why your not being able to connect is cause it cant see computers on different domains..there are 2 ways to fix this..i only know of one and that is to simply change the domain on the PC side under the system properties menu. or in the mac side there is a place where you can change it too

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    That place would be the SMB setting in the Directory Access program located in Applications > Utilities.

    Just change the SMB to the workgroup of the network.


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    .well i cant do either.mac to pc.pc to mac. i know both ip's connect to server dont work for me...

    Quote Originally Posted by PowerbookG417
    wow...i have the same problem on my xp machine connecting to my mac as well.
    and i have NO issues accessing the pc from my mac...thats a breeze...and we all know that...its just gettin this pc to play friendly with the mac just doesnt seem to work..

    so any help on this issue would be sure we'd both appreciate it

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    My PC is running Windows ME.

    After upgading to panther I finally managed to to get access to/from both computers. The connect to server interface on the mac is a little different but achievs the same result.

    NOTE: Most of the time the PC server doesn't show up on the MAC right away. It's almost like the MAC has to warm up. Eventually after a little while the PC server will show up on the MAC, so be patient.

    The panther upgrade also solved my password issues when connecting to the Mac from my PC. I entered my MAC password in the PC password prompt and I connected right away.

    I have done the impossible I have networked my PC and Mac and have my AOL DSL shared to my MAC from my PC using the router (SIGH) and it only took me 3 months.

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    That is a quite an accomplishment. From what I know this type of sharing sets permissions levels that you may well wanna keep off line... Is that how you have it set up?

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    II had 2 hours of frustration

    but i'd advise using an ethernet cable between the machines first

    1. turn off wirelesson both

    2. i connected my 2 machines with a cable, windows 7 and Leopard

    Both assign an automatic IP...If you are on XP i dont know if you'll have to add ip manually

    3. Then on pc start>run>\\\User (put in IP address of mac)

    and it mounted the the users folders

    so now that you got that working then maybe its the ports in your router being blocked

    This article is the shoulder that i stood on..... Mac OS X 10.6: Connecting your Mac directly to a Windows computer

    it is everything i said above

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