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    network list
    i would like to know how to refresh the network user list without having to restart. The other machines in the house are windows boxes and it seems when i look them up in finder and try to access them i get a message saying "original alias does not exists" i have to restart my mac to refresh the list and access them. I was wondering if there was an easy way to refresh the list so i dont have to go through all that trouble...i am really concerned about how the list doesnt refresh on its own...

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    Usually the XP share will show up in a minute of two if I just close and reopen network, but if not, if I go to the windows box and log into the Mac then it showes on the Mac. Most of the time it just shows up in a few. I never reboot. Running 10.4.5 here. Just tried it and booted a couple of my windows systems on the network.

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